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Fireworks Safety 101

Fireworks are one of the many ways that people celebrate special occasions. Fireworks are not just for the 4 th of July - many people use them year-round for weddings, gender reveals, and other major celebrations. The last thing you want to happen during a celebration is an accident. Thankfully, we have pulled together a short list of firework safety tips to keep your party going without calamity:

1. Follow all of your Local Laws

Consumer fireworks are legal in many states; however, there are many restrictions

regarding when you are able to purchase them and when you can light them off. You

can be fined up to $1,000 if you use fireworks during a period when you’re not

supposed to. If you are in Arizona click here to learn more – “Arizona’s Fireworks Laws”

2. Alcohol and Fireworks Do Not Mix

If you can’t drive you shouldn’t be handling explosive devices. Fireworks can be

dangerous even without alcohol.

3. Protect Your Eyes

Out of 11,000 average hospital visits for firework accidents, 18% involve the eyes.

Fireworks-related eye injuries can be devastating because nearly a quarter of these

accidents cause partial vision loss and even blindness. Always wear safety glasses while handling consumer fireworks. Keep in mind that sunglasses and regular eye glasses will not protect your eyes during a firework accident – instead they will shatter and cause even more damage.

4. Directions are Important

The best way to insure firework safety is by following all the directions on the labels of

your firework package. Ask an expert at I Know a Guy Fireworks if you have any

questions or concerns about a certain product.

5. Keep Emergency Water Handy

Some people prefer to leave a hose nearby, and others are fine with a couple of large

buckets of water. Whichever you choose, make sure you have an adequate supply to

completely soak your fireworks and surrounding areas.

6. Keep Children Safe

Fireworks should always be handled by a sober adult. Even sparklers can cause serious

harm to a child. Extreme parental supervision is highly recommended.

Click here to learn more about children and firework safety

7. A Dud’s a Dud

Do NOT relight a “dud” firework. If a firework fails to go off, wait 20 minutes then

submerge in water.

8. Leave them Out of Your Pockets

This may seem like a firework safety 101 “duh”, but you would be surprised at the

amount of accident that occur from fireworks going off in someone’s pocket. The

friction from the fireworks in your pocket can actually make them go off. This is a

common occurrence with bottle rockets.

9. Never Light Fireworks Near Animals

Many animals are sensitive to the loud BOOM of fireworks. Do your pets a favor and

simply leave them inside where they are able to find comfort in their surroundings.

Many animals will run away and hide outside during fireworks and can become lost.

10. Leave it to the Experts

Do not take apart fireworks or attempt to make your own. Please leave it to the experts.

11. Report Illegal Explosives

Illegal fireworks are unlabeled, unlike legal fireworks which have the manufacturer’s

name and directions for use. Some illegal fireworks are M-80, M100, blockbuster, or

quarter pounder. If you see these fireworks for sale you should report them to your

local police department. Fireworks cause many accidents a year and can cause permanent damage, and in severe cases, death. Make sure to follow all of our safety tips above to make your event memorable and enjoyable. We look forward to hearing about your firework success!

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