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Bacon Snaps Adult Snaps

Bacon Snaps Adult Snaps

SKU: 687985901326

The snaps give a super-loud BANG. Also known as adult snappers, mandarin red crackers, torpedoes, or pop pop fireworks.

Bacon Snaps are commonly known as “adult snaps” or “fuseless fireworks”. They are a friction sensitive firework that operate similar to a snap pop. In other words, they are thrown against a hard, ground surface and “snap”. Since they are friction sensitive, extra care is needed in storage to prevent a fall from height. Spirit suggests the following with regard to the handling, storage and care of this product:

• Because of the friction sensitive nature of this product it should be handled with care to avoid any unintended drop
• Avoid storing or displaying at any height greater than four feet

DIMENSIONS 3.0 L × 2.4 W × 1.0 H

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