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Fundraising Opportunity


Does your school, track team, band, parent teacher association, church or club need fundraising ideas? We have got the perfect solutions: 


SELLING FIREWORKS:  Our opportunities allow you to earn substantial profits in just  7 -10 days.  Our management team provides training, support, resources and product.  Earning money for your cause will be easy, fast and simple and best yet; we will be by your side to help you earn as much as possible.

Cap'n Trask's HAUNTED SHIP:  Doesn't get easier than gathering your friends, family, classmates, teammates to walk through a Haunted Ship with you, does it?  Well, all you need to do is show up and we do the rest of the work.  We make it an exclusive event for you, provide marketing and payment systems.  You just pick the date|time anytime from October 15th- October 30.  ALL PROCEEDS MADE GO DIRECTLY TO YOUR CHARITY.

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