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Reece’s Rainbow serves as a catalyst for social change internationally by setting an example of love, inclusion, acceptance, value, and potential for birth families of children with Down syndrome and other special needs.


Your gifts ARE a “voice of hope” for each of our waiting children...THANK YOU.

Kenzie's Story
Down syndrome Awareness Video

Down syndrome Awareness Video

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Join us now in making a difference one child at a time.

Kenzie's Adoption Story...


My mommy and daddy found me on the just after I had open heart surgery. I was only 6 weeks old and 5 lbs, but I wasn’t eating anymore and my oxygen levels were really low. The doctors all said it’s a miracle that I even survived.

But I was determined to live.


I have Down syndrome, and in Ukraine, most children with special needs are abandoned. I was left at the hospital after birth and then taken to an orphanage. I lived in an orphanage in a small village in Ukraine. I shared a tiny room with 2 other babies close in age and we kept each other company. Most of our day we spent laying in our cribs. I have difficulty swallowing so I was barely able to get down the bottles that I was fed. I was extremely underweight, dehydrated, lethargic, and I couldn’t even hold my head up on my own the first time I met my parents.


The moment all of us orphans dream of is the day our mommy and daddy come to meet us. It was the best day of my life. Not only did I get a mommy and a daddy, but I got an amazing big sister and two awesome teenage brothers!  On November 1st, 2017, when I was 13 months old, we landed in the United States, and I became a US citizen ... Thank You Mommy and Daddy!





children are now HOME with their families since Reece's Rainbow began in 2006...


I Know A Guy Fireworks is proud to help make this grow...        

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